Week 7 Lecture 2

Week 7 Lecture 2 - who ruled until 1824. Followed by...

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Week 7 Lecture 2 Celtic French (commoners) v. Frankish French (aristocracy) Drafis Affair o Alfred Drafis an officer in the French affair o After the war of 1870, which the French lost, the french were looking for a scapegoat to blame. o Documents were forged that Drefis betrayed the French military o French society believed that facts didn’t matter and this was more important than reason and science o Racially identified person being blamed made sense Drafis was jewish Guillotine was a symbol of the French Revolution and the reign of terror Reign of terror o Ended with the arrest of Ropespierre French Revolution didn’t produce a democratic government o The Revolution of France failed o Ended up 10 years later in the installation of a dictatorship of Napoleon Bonapart Bonapartism o Left authoritarianism o A modernizer and an authoritarian Louis the XVIII replaced napolean o 1814-1830. Restoration of Bourbon Monarchy under Louis XVIII,
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Unformatted text preview: who ruled until 1824. Followed by Charles X. Student revolt against Orleansit Monarchy, depicted in Final scenes of Les Miserables, o Barricading the streets Revolution of 1848: 1848-1852. Second Republic o 1848. Second Republican revolution leads to creation of Second Republic. Louis-Napoleon, Napoleon III elected new leader September 2, 1870. o Defeat and capture of Napoleon III at Battle of Sedan. Capture of an entire army. September 4, 1870 o Military coup overthrows Napoleon III, proclamation of the third republic which lasted until 1940 After the French Revolution until 1870, there had been 11 years total of republican government Leon Gambetta Radicals Radicals in france are somewhat economically conservative Rose Valland Kept an inventory of French artwork to protect them from the violence of WWII...
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Week 7 Lecture 2 - who ruled until 1824. Followed by...

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