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Week 7 Lecture 2 - who ruled until 1824 Followed by Charles...

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Week 7 Lecture 2 Celtic French (commoners) v. Frankish French (aristocracy) Drafis Affair o Alfred Drafis an officer in the French affair o After the war of 1870, which the French lost, the french were looking for a scapegoat to blame. o Documents were forged that Drefis betrayed the French military o French society believed that facts didn’t matter and this was more important than reason and science o Racially identified person being blamed made sense Drafis was jewish Guillotine was a symbol of the French Revolution and the reign of terror Reign of terror o Ended with the arrest of Ropespierre French Revolution didn’t produce a democratic government o The Revolution of France failed o Ended up 10 years later in the installation of a dictatorship of Napoleon Bonapart Bonapartism o Left authoritarianism o A modernizer and an authoritarian Louis the XVIII replaced napolean o 1814-1830. Restoration of Bourbon Monarchy under Louis XVIII,
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Unformatted text preview: who ruled until 1824. Followed by Charles X. • Student revolt against Orleansit Monarchy, depicted in Final scenes of Les Miserables, o Barricading the streets • Revolution of 1848: 1848-1852. Second Republic o 1848. Second Republican revolution leads to creation of Second Republic. Louis-Napoleon, Napoleon III elected new leader • September 2, 1870. o Defeat and capture of Napoleon III at Battle of Sedan. Capture of an entire army. • September 4, 1870 o Military coup overthrows Napoleon III, proclamation of the third republic which lasted until 1940 • After the French Revolution until 1870, there had been 11 years total of “republican government” Leon Gambetta Radicals • Radicals in france are somewhat economically conservative Rose Valland • Kept an inventory of French artwork to protect them from the violence of WWII •...
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