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Catherin Mayer Reading Summary

Catherin Mayer Reading Summary - the spice girls o Wanted...

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Catherin Mayer Reading Summary How Diana Transformed Britain Diana shook up the British monarchy and speeded up its modernization. Diana’s unhappiness drove her humanitarian impulse. She literally touched the people She embraced the new multicultural Britain without reservation. o No flinch, no anxiety about race. She became one of the people She didn’t just talk the talk she walked the walk o As she inspired millions to deal with their personal issues as she dealt with hers o Eating disorder One of the first and most potent symbols of “girl power” later embraced by
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Unformatted text preview: the spice girls o Wanted to love and be loved • Her funeral was widely seen as a reaffirmation of tradition in Britain. • She was always at odds with Thatcher as they butted heads because Diana stood up for the poor while Thatcher said it was their fault. • She grew as Britain grew, changed as Britain had changed, and she had more to offer by the time she died. • She was a voice for the unfortunate and people listened to her....
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