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Eckstein Reading Notes - Eckstein Reading Notes The British...

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Eckstein Reading Notes The British Political System – Leadership and Democracy in Britain Members of the house of commons always trying to mess with members of the opposing party. o Trying to screw with the heads of the ministers delivering speeches No written constitution Has managed to maintain effective democratic government. o Suffered neither the acute instability nor near paralysis that hit the Weimar Republic or the French Republics. Remodeling was done within the limits of the traditional constitution Action of british governments is not solely in the hands of the British leaders—it is attributable to the political system and not the leader The Machinery of the British government alone cannot explain its effectiveness as the French attempted to copy it with great failure. o WHAT MAKES IS SO EFFECTIVE is its organization, and its peculiar environment in which the organization of the government functions. o Cultural factor Gives the leader ability to take a great amount of action individually and not based more on the popular or parliamentary will. o Structural **Two party system** will inevitably produce stable governments as the parties rarely split. Allows for united leadership backed by an obedient majority of legislators Stability of British cabinets o Allows people to learn the system without abrupt changes French have a undisciplined multiparty system The British believe in civil and political liberties; they insist that public authority be exercised in conformity with “the rule of law”; they believe in binding force of popular mandate. o
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Eckstein Reading Notes - Eckstein Reading Notes The British...

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