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midterm summary - 3 Institutional features that provide for...

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Unformatted text preview: 3 Institutional features that provide for the ability of the Executive branch to discipline the legislative branch 1. Vote of Confidence a. a vote called by the prime minister that determines whether the executive can still command a loyalty of a majority of members in the house. Vote is on any piece of legislation, this part in insiginificant 2. Ricker’s ‘Iron Triangle’ a. No official checks and balances. The executive branch dominates the legislative b. Exec commands committees and interest groups 3. 2 Party System a. 2 major political parties which creates stability and room for opposition in the middle within the legislative branch—the PM and the cabinet members are of the majority party. Committee system of the HOC greatly reduces the policy influence of interest group • this is because members of the HOC are assigned randomly to committess and topics are randomly assigned as well. So there is no guarantee that a member will work on a bill that represents certain interests. Furthermore, the committees are NOT permanent—they dissolve after editing that particular bill. • These characteristics make it almost impossible for interest groups to be represented in the HOC Eckstein argues British political Culture is characterized by a “dual mandate” What is it • Part of the British cultural approach that is made up of feudalistic and democratic mandates....
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midterm summary - 3 Institutional features that provide for...

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