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Roskin Reading Notes Chapter 2 Magna Carta first document towards democracy as it resticed the power of the monarch. Creation of the parliamentary system with the knights and burghers forming the lower house of parliament called the house of commons, and the nobles and top churchmen forming the upper house of parliament called the house of lords. o With time the house of commons began to dominate over the house of lords as it is today. In England the power of the state was stronger than the power of the church so it was easier to secularize o With King henry the VIII’s creation of the Anglican church he unknowingly gave much power to parliament—a institutional shift. While absolute monarchies took over the rest of Europe, England had much social turmoil and in the end parliament prevailed. o Parliament controlled who possessed the throne after Cromwell military periodic reign. Glorious revolution occurred in 1688 when parliament shifted power by dumping James II and bringing in Mary and her Dutch husband without a shot fired. o 1689 Bill of Rights proclaimed parliaments relationship to the crown—essentially dictated that it controlled who was in power. Executive power brought about a cabinet of minister with the head of them being the prime minister. o Cabinet was not answerable to Parliament—asserting power to the king. o Spurred the US declaration of independence Parliament split into whigs and tories—essentially different caucuses. o Whigs consisting of mostly merchants and manufacturers.— liberals o Tories mostly landed aristocracy.—conservatives
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Working and middle class developed Reform act of 1832 established that the house of commons should represent the masses. Chapter 3 Members of parliament first junior ministers cabinet ministers Cabinet used to be for the king, now its for the parliament British cabinet straddles gap between executive and legislative “collective responsibility” is how the British cabinet publicly support the actions of the prime minister British prime minister is “chosen” by the queen. o
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Roskin Reading Notes - R oskin Reading Notes Chapter 2...

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