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A&A10 Final Review Session

A&A10 Final Review Session - Arts and Architecture...

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Arts and Architecture Review Session 5 artists visited us after the midterm: Aaron Williams (the drummer) o Normally you’re a great drummer or a great tap dancer. He’s both. Pretty rare. o His friend was Melinda (tapdancer). o First taught us about rhythm. Drum Kit. Bass drum on his right foot, high hate on his left foot (high hat is 2 symbols on top of each other). 2 hands were for snare drum and ride symbol (hit it with hands real fast). Called the snare drum because there’s a strip of metal on the edge that makes a snare sound when you play it. o First taught us the basic rock beat. 4 ways of playing the basic rock beat, only 1 of them will be right. (On the final). o Bass drum does 1 and 3. o Ride symbol does 2 and 4. o When you put an accent on 2 and 4, it makes a boom ( called a backbeat) . Backbeat was why parents were mad at Elvis when he was on tv? o Snare was also playing the backbeat. Sometimes the ride symbol did the back beat. Anything can do the back beat. Bass drum always on 1 and 3. o Why was jazz beat harder to do? Jazz musicians grew up without sheet music (they had to memorize it). Because jazz was developed early on by African-Americans. No sheet music because music schools were run by white people who didn’t admit black people. Clapped on 1 and 8, but he was doing a bunch of different beats in between. o Taught us about rhythm. o Why did he bring his own floor? The floor that he brings is a “sprung floor.” It’s like a trampoline… it’s easier on your knees. o Tap dancing came from slaves (communicating to each other because their master’s didn’t let them speak in the cotton fields). o After civil war, tap moved to cities in the North where it became a street form of art. Put nails and metal on their shoes to make more sound. Urban street art form. o Movie: Nicholas Brothers . Stormy Weather— they’re dancing on the pianos and jumping over people and shit. The “splits” were their trademark move. o Down in Argentina Way (?) Guy played jump rope with his scarf. 4 basic tap moves (Definitely on the exam): o Brush
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o Shuffle o Brush-kick o Put them together to make new moves.
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