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wallace shawn response

wallace shawn response - Will Cliff 903631044 Arts and...

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Will Cliff - 903631044 1/28/11 Arts and Architecture 10 Section 1G – C. Ahn Wallace Shawn Performance Response “Real World, Fake World, Dream World” On Saturday January 22 nd , some friends and I went to Wallace Shawn’s performance in Royce Hall. My knowledge of Wallace Shawn prior to the event consisted of his stellar performance in The Princess Bride, and other films here and there I had seen him in. All of my memories of his acting flooded to my mind the second he gripped the microphone and spoke. His physical appearance was older, but his magnificent voice was un-phased by time. Shawn’s presence and high-level of respect were immediately apparent by the solo spot light that lit only him before the full Royce Hall audience. The audience consisted mostly of older generation adults—looking generally in their fifties and above. They all seemed to be with their partner and it appeared as though it was their “big event” for the weekend.
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