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William Cliff 903631044 Sociology 1 Professor Susan Kim What does it mean to say that race and ethnicity are socially constructed? Use historical and/or contemporary examples that illustrate how racial minority and/or immigrant communities have been and continue to be racialized. The Illusion of Race: The Invisible Determinant of Hierarchical Society Today The concept of one’s race can be interpreted as a concrete essence of being, or a mere illusion of stereotypes that a non-racist, utopian society would abolish. Such different interpretations are the causal root of much conflict in society today. It is within our nature as human beings to categorize and immediately label those unknown to us in any physical shape or form and as a result, prejudices and racism arise. Merely skimming the surface of such an issue, one could never foresee that such an issue of impression would play such large role in the structure of society all over the world throughout history. It is race that even today subconsciously skews the equality of all aspects of society—ranging from the job market, to education, to habitat, and to humans everyday interaction as we naturally form racial projects based on historical context. Assimilation through Anglo-conformity is occurring as minorities strive for the success that the white man so naturally attains. Race and ethnicity are socially constructed ideals in our society today as racial projects constantly project preconceived historical notions of race that invisibly influence the hierarchical structure of our society today. It is the idea of race that humans naturally use to categorize and initially incur information in unfamiliar situations. As a result, racial projects form in macro and micro levels. Michael Omi and Howard Winant refer to racial projects in their article
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Race paper 01 - William Cliff 903631044 Sociology 1...

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