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Will Cliff 903631044 Sociology 1 Professor Susan Kim Race: The The concept of one’s race can be interpreted as a concrete essence of being, or a mere illusion of stereotypes that a non-racist, utopian society would abolish. Such different interpretations are the causal root of much conflict in society today. It is within our nature as human beings to categorize and immediately label those unknown to us in any physical shape or form and as a result, prejudices and racism arise. Such conflict is based on incorrect assumptions that race is a concrete essence of being. The US government has tried to categorize its citizens by defining race using the one-drop rule (Davies). Looking back on history and analyzing present statistics, one may see more easily that the idea of race itself is simply a product of constantly changing social trends —and as a result over time what one may define as a race one day will be different another day. The concept of race is a mere illusion as it is a fluid, ever-changing complex that is socially constructed by historical context, and social movements causing the rise and fall of socioeconomic statuses as time presses forward. As we try and interpret race as it has been the root cause of much segregation in history, we form concrete racial projects that are intended to attain equality between races throughout society. In an effort to govern diverse populations of people, categorizing them through laws and acts has been believed to help achieve peace and equality. As discussed by sociologists Michael Omi and Howard Winant through such order, racial projects are being placed on society as these laws and governmental actions determine which individuals belong in a certain “race” and which do not. Keeping a conscience of
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race paper 02 - Will Cliff 903631044 Sociology 1 Professor...

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