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William Cliff 903631044 Sociology 1 – S.S. Kim Tracking and the Conflict Perspective As I currently find myself at one of the most prestigious universities in the United States, I am forced to look at my past academic achievements and realize that I have found great success in the tracking system. Starting in seventh grade I was placed in an advanced math class, and though out high school I took many AP classes. It was as a result of this hard work and academic achievement that I was fortunate enough to get tracked to UCLA. Through the system of tracking, one’s success in our society today can be determined at a very young age. Being so young, most of the young population is completely oblivious to the fact that their work ethic and success then, is intended to determine their success, income, and class in their future. Tracking is a component of our educational system and is done by dividing the successful students into more difficult classes—while placing the less successful students in easier classes. Essentially, our competitive based society is fueled by tracking as it places students with the highest academic achievement into the more elite institutions and then transitively into the top jobs that run the nation and our economy. Along with such a system comes positive and negative effects on different groups within the population—the positive effects more landing on a smaller proportion of the people while the negative effects effect the greater masses. The educational systems use of tracking can be best understood through the conflict perspective as it reveals society’s structure of inequality through its natural promotion of competitive fueled success starting a very young age.
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tracking paper 02 - William Cliff 903631044 Sociology 1...

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