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Unformatted text preview: The Water Cycle 9/23/11 Enter your name Click to edit Master subtitle style Water moves in a continuous cycle. The water you drink today was on earth in the Age of the Dinosaurs! 9/23/11 Water to a never-ending story. style Click is edit Master subtitle The Water Cycle 9/23/11 9/23/11 Era of the Dinosaurs rachiosaurus First birds oelophysis Turtles {38AFCF3E-7E9F-4071-A139-0A748BFCAA02} The Mesozoic Era {84660B0C-2DE2-431F-AE41-67C818E790E5} {9762DFFF-EF0B-41F6-93B2-E885A3BAA2F5} {4AF08E06-3154-4B5B-B9F4-7BDD7E234A9C} Cretaceous Period Triassic Period Jurassic Period 70 million years ago 215 million years ago 150 million years ago {472767BB-7C48-44E5-96CE-CFB3409B8F80} {0D1A7AD8-B954-436B-B657-E9A23822351F} {364C4091-C0D4-409D-B71C-D03873016F74} First snakes Tyrannosaurus Rex First mammals {0FB94639-F9F7-431D-AAEA-69C1A8E2D351} {1B8DDEF6-796D-4CE9-A8FE-AF1828627D04} Stegosaurus Pteranodon 9/23/11 The Three Forms of Water 9/23/11 ...
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