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Project3 - you can list out some parts of your paper...

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CS 1003 ? -- Project 3 Assignment is worth 50 points In this assignment, you are to use your paper that you wrote for Project 2. On the job or in school, you will need to be able to take the contents of your paper and break it down so you can use it for presentations. ? A presentation is like a paper when and if you use material from another source. Pictures, direct quotes, statistics, charts, etc should cite the source of the material. You can place the citation on the slide along with the material being cited or you can use a number that refers to an entry on a reference slide at the end of the presentation. No matter which way you choose, cite all material obtained from another source !! If you do not have your paper, download the sample paper from Project 2 and use it to make a presentation. ? It is on computer illnesses. In your paper, you had many subheadings that you can use as the main header on a slide and then
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Unformatted text preview: you can list out some parts of your paper underneath it using bullets. YOU ARE NOT TO COPY PARAGRAPHS OF INFORMATION FROM YOUR PAPER TO A POWERPOINT SLIDE. ??? You need to have a minimum of 6 slides in the presentation, not counting a reference or works cited slide. ??? You may have more if you want. ? You must use a design template. ? You can use any one that you like. The first slide should be the title slide giving the name of your presentation. ? YOUR NAME should be in the subtitle. At least two of the slides should use bullets. You should also have at least two slides (not the ones with the bullets) that make use of at least two of the following features, one per slide : o Table o Graph ??? o Organization Chart o Columns o Excel Worksheet o Bullets and picture on one page o Draw objects or WordArt When you have completed your presentation, save it as Project 3 and upload to Desire2Learn for grading....
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