Week 6 Day 1

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Week 6 Day 1 CS 1003 Computer Proficiency Chapter 4, Microsoft Excel 2007 This assignment has one page of instructions. You will be working on Excel for the next few weeks. List of files you will need for this lab: chap1_ho2_jake. You can save the Excel files on your hard drive or a flash drive. HOWEVER, it would be wise to keep your Word assignments on the hard drive or a flash drive, also. This is in case you are missing a grade on an assignment. You will need the assignment from disk. HANDS-ON Exercise 1 (Page 194, Chapter 4) Do Steps 1-3 in the book.
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Unformatted text preview: • *Step 4: Do this step in the book. Save the file chap1_ho1_jake_solution on your hard drive or a flash drive and then upload it for grading. HANDS-ON Exercise 2 (Page 205, Chapter 4) • *Step 1: Do this step. Note: You will download the assignment file from D2L and save the “ solution ” file to your hard drive or a flash drive. • Follow steps 2-5 in the book. • *Step 6: Do this step. S ave the file chap1_ho2_jake_solution , upload the file for grading. There should be two files uploaded. CS 1003 03:00:26 03:00:26 Page 1...
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