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Week 7 Day 1 CS 1003 Computer Proficiency Chapter 5, Microsoft Excel 2007 This assignment has one page of instructions. List of files you will need for this lab: chap2_ho1_payroll. HANDS-ON Exercise 1 (Page 254, Chapter 5) *Step 1: Do this step. Note: You will download the assignment file chap2_ho1_payroll file from D2L and save the “ solution ” file to your hard drive or a flash drive. Do Step 2 in the book. *Step 3: Do this step. Save the file chap2_ho1_payroll_solution1 and upload for grading. HANDS-ON Exercise 2 (Page 264, Chapter 5) *Step 1: Do this step. Note: You will open the assignment file
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Unformatted text preview: chap2_ho1_payroll_solution from your hard drive or a flash drive if it is not already open. • Do Step 2 in the book; make sure you are in cell H21 before starting step 2c and cell H22 before starting sub-step 2d . • Do Steps 3-4 in the book. • *Step 5: Do this step but in step 5g do not print. Instead save the file as chap2_ho2_payroll_solution2 and upload for grading. In step 5h again do not print instead just display the formulas to check their accuracy. There should be two files uploaded. CS 1003 03:00:28 03:00:28 Page 1...
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