Week 9 Day 1

Week 9 Day 1 - •*Step 1 You will build the data file...

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Week 9 Day 1 CS 1003 Computer Proficiency Chapter 13, Microsoft Excel 2007 To create the starting data file do the following: 1. Click the link Week 9 Day 1 Data File 2. You will see a header record, a list of employees and their data 3. Select all the entries in the list and Copy them 4. Open Word and Paste what you copied into a blank document 5. Click the Office button and choose Save as/Other formats to get a dialog box where you can select the Save as type 6. Choose file type “.txt” from the drop down list, type Employee List as the file name 7. Make sure your hard drive or a flash drive is the Save in location for the file 8. Save the file 9. Now your starting data file is ready to complete the assignment This assignment has one page. HANDS-ON Exercise 1 (page 771, Chapter 13)
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Unformatted text preview: • *Step 1: You will build the data file referenced in the book using the process above and then open that file in Step 1 of the Hands-on Exercise. Use the file saved to the hard drive or a flash drive, above, ignoring the reference in the book to My Home Drive. • Do steps 2-6 in the book. • *Step 7: Do this step in the book. Save the file as Employee List Solution 1.xlsx . Upload the file for grading. HANDS-ON Exercise 2 (page 772, Chapter 13) • Do steps 1-2 in the book. • *Step 3: Before you toggle the AutoFilter function off in the 5 th sub-step of step 3, you should save the workbook as Employee List Solution 2.xlsx . Upload the file for grading. Exit Excel. There should be two files uploaded. CS 1003 03:00:31 03:00:31 Page 1...
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