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Week 12 Day 2 - *Step 1b Instead of clicking Clip Art click...

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Week 12 Day 2 CS 1003 Computer Proficiency Chapter 9, Microsoft PowerPoint 2007 This assignment has one page of instructions. List of files you will need for this lab: Pterodactyls. HANDS-ON Exercise 3 (Page 544, Chapter 9) *Step 1: Do this step in the book. Note: You will open the chap3_ho2_water_solution from your hard drive or a flash drive. Download Pterodactyls from D2L in the following manner: o Click the Pterodactyl link and select Open. An explorer window will open showing the file contained in the compressed “.zip” file. o Choose Extract all files from the options. o A browse window will open to allow you to save the file to your hard drive or a flash drive. o Once the file is saved, proceed with the assignment instructions below.
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Unformatted text preview: *Step 1b: Instead of clicking Clip Art, click Picture and select the Pterodactyl picture you downloaded from D2L. • *Skip steps 1c and 1d. • Do Step 2. • *Step 3: In step 3d, you may have to ungroup twice, once to convert the image to a drawing object and a second time to actually separate all the individual elements. • *Step 4: In step 4c, use the keyword dinosaurs and select any image of a single dinosaur you wish. • Do Step 5 in the book. • *Step 6: Do this step in the book. Do not print, instead save the file with the name given in the book and upload for grading. Be sure you are saving the file to your hard drive or a flash drive. There should be one file uploaded. CS 1003 03:00:34 03:00:34 Page 1...
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