Ch1b - 8/30/2011 PSYC2313:001:PsychologyandHumanProblems

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8/30/2011 1 PSYC 2313:001: Psychology and Human Problems ± The basic challenge of modern life has become the search for meaning, direction, and personal philosophy ± The Paradox of Progress ± We enjoy more technological advances, more leisure time, and more choices than ever before ± Our perceived quality of life seems to be worse… ± Adjustment is the psychological processes through which people manage or cope with the demands and challenges of everyday life ± People adapt to their own circumstances ± HedonicAdaptation: the mental scale that people use to judge the pleasantness unpleasantness of their experiences shifts so that their neutral point, or baseline for comparison, is changed
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8/30/2011 2 ± Subjective Well Being: individuals’ personal assessments of their overall happiness or life satisfaction ± Subjective feelings of happiness are more important than objective measures. ± Happiness is relative
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Ch1b - 8/30/2011 PSYC2313:001:PsychologyandHumanProblems

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