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This is a summary. For more details refer to the technical writing manual. Abstract A summary of what was done and the results found, in about five to ten sentences. It must be complete and make sense without referring to the rest of the report. (It is what is stored in computer-based library catalogs). Introduction A brief description of the problem addressed and appropriate background material. Why is problem important? Include a brief review of pertinent literature and describe briefly the experimental approach. Theory Write the equations used in reducing the data and define the symbols you use. Generally, you should use the standard symbols as given in your textbook or in the instructions for each test. Include conversion factors as appropriate. Apparatus and Test Procedure Brief but complete description of the equipment used and how the test was run. Include what was measured and how it was recorded. Do not use lists of equipment, and do not write it as a chronology. Sketches should be included in your section on figures. Results The results are generally presented in the form of figures and tables. These should each be discussed by pointing out the major trends. When comparing your data to that of others, discuss the agreement or disagreement and be sure to mention the reference from which the other data were taken. Mention possible causes of disagreement if the causes are obvious from the test. Because this is your first course in fluids, you are not expected to know the cause of everything which happens. You are responsible for only those things explained in the lectures and movie and in 320. Number figures, tables and references in the order they appear as you write . Every figure, table and reference must be mentioned in the text of the report, so do not include any which you do not mention, e.g., references. References List the references in the proper form; your ASE 320 textbook has references in the proper form at the Page 1 of 2 Untitled Document 3/27/2006
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end of each chapter. In the case of books, the page or pages should be given as well. Lab notes are not a reference. Unless you invented an equation, cite a reference. Figures Use graph paper, and give each figure a number and title at the bottom. Do not use odd scales such as 3 or 7 to the in. or cm. Do not write anything in the margins of the paper- everything should be in the grid area. All figures should be in this section: you need not include figures separately in the body of the report. Tables
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Lab - Untitled Document Page 1 of 2 ASE 120K REPORT FORMAT...

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