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COURSE SYLLABUS HRAD 4103 – HOSPITALITY LAW AND ETHICS SCHOOL OF HOTEL AND RESTAURANT ADMINISTRATION OKLAHOMA STATE UNIVERSITY FALL 2011 TUESDAY 6:45-9:30 P.M. HSW 202 Instructor : Adrienne L. Barnett, Esq. 2900 MidContinent Tower 401 South Boston Avenue Tulsa, OK 74103 [email protected] (918) 583-7571 Office Hours: By Appointment (preferably before or after class) Required Text : Hotel, Restaurant and Travel Law: A Preventative Approach, Seventh Edition , Karen L. Morris (Thomson Delmar Learning 2008). Course Objectives : At the completion of this course, students will be able to: Identify and work with sources and attributes of law; Analyze legal implications of various managerial decisions; Utilize procedural practices required by law with respect to discipline and termination; Distinguish between discriminatory and non-discriminatory behaviors and activities related to hospitality guests, employees and visitors; Navigate legal procedures that apply to individuals and business enterprises (e.g., law enforcement, administrative enforcement and judicial processes); Employ standards that are mindful of the special relationship between hospitality firms and customers, employees, vendors as well as non-guests; Apply laws specifically applicable to the hospitality industry (e.g., civil rights law, contract law and tort law); Apply ethical principles and the impact of ethical and unethical actions with respect to
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