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exec team performance evaluation

exec team performance evaluation - Displays fair and...

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Oklahoma State University School of Hotel and Restaurant Administration HRAD 3120: Special Event Management – HOSPITALITY DAYS EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE PERFORMANCE EVALUATION Steven M. Ruby, J.D. Use this form to evaluate the performance of: The Hospitality Days 2012 Executive Committee Each criterion is to be rated on the following 5-point scale: 1 = Poor 2 = Below Average 3 = Average 4 = Above Average 5 = Outstanding Please indicate the number that best represents the performance of the individual or the group. In addition, please elaborate on your evaluations in the 'comments' section at the end of this evaluation form. Your Name: _________________________________________________________________ Date: ________________________________________________________________________ Executive Committee Displays leadership traits Produces high quality work. Participates fully in meetings/class.
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Unformatted text preview: Displays fair and ethical behaviors to all members. Courteous and helpful to group members. Total Score (add the number values) /25 /25 /25 /25 Comments (use additional paper if necessary): _____________________________________________________________________________ _ _____________________________________________________________________________ _ _____________________________________________________________________________ _ Note : These evaluations are your opportunity to express your opinion as to whether the leaders have performed as they should in this committee and if team members worked well together. The grades you give your team members will be calculated as part of their course grade. Consider this evaluation section as an employee evaluation. Be honest and willing to discuss it as would be necessary as a manager....
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