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Math 131a: Analysis – Stovall Spring 2011 Meeting time/place: MWF 1:00–1:50, MS 5147 Webpage: http://www.math.ucla.edu/ ~ betsy/131a.2.11s/ Textbook: Calculus, Vol. 1 , Apostol, 2 nd ed. Instructor: Betsy Stovall, MS 5226: M 4pm–5pm, W 2pm–3pm, F 11am–12pm Section: Tuesdays, 1:00–1:50, MS 5147 Teaching assistant: Jason Murphy, MS 2963, http://www.math.ucla.edu/ ~ murphy/ Exams: Midterm 1: Tuesday, April 19 (in section) Midterm 2: Tuesday, May 10 (in section) Final exam: Monday, June 6, 3pm–6pm No make-up exams, but see alternate grading scheme below. Students not taking the final will not pass the course. Requests for regrades of midterms must be made within 2 weeks of the exam. Homework: Assigned and recommended problems will be posted on the class webpage. Assigned problems: are due on Fridays in lecture. You are allowed to resubmit assigned problems once, within one week of the original due date, for full credit (excepting the last two assignments). Late initial submissions will be graded as resubmissions, and late resub- missions will not be accepted. (Grades will be recorded for each problem separately).
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