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Math 131A – Course Outline – Spring 2011 Text: Apostol, Calculus, Volume I , 2 nd ed. Instructor: Betsy Stovall 1. Introduction. Crash review of basic propositional logic and set notation. (Chapter I.2) On your own: Read I.1–2 with an emphasis on I.2. You will have seen much of this in 115A, so our review will be brief. 2. Field and order axioms, Examples and non-examples of fields. Introduction to the real numbers. (I.3) 3. Supremum and infimum. Definitions and basic properties. Completeness axiom. (I.3) 4. Archimedian property. The rationals are dense in the reals. But 2 R \ Q . (I.3) 5. Induction, complete induction, and well-ordering property. (I.4) 6. Induction examples. Summation notation. (I.4) 7. What is a function? Integrals of step functions. (Chapter 1) 8. Integrals of general functions. (Chapter 1) 9. Integrating monotone functions. (Chapter 1) End material for Midterm 1. 10. Basic properties of the integral. (Chapter 1) Midterm 1 is Tuesday 4/19, during section.
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