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172C Quiz6 - Math 172C Quiz(fi 53'23 Name C3 M L F...

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Unformatted text preview: Math 172C Quiz (fi) 53'23 Name: C3 M L, F Complete the 1f 1,1 2011'] and 1,31,! 2011 valuation results under the Aggregate Funding Method Actuarial Assumptions: ass LL" i=Sflx’u salaryinerease=3.5%, fi [l {Jag Gcmmma'innmwflll sL‘E—L H43 I Employer made the 201i] contribuu'on err H1f2fllfl. Ir Assets earned a $-weighted rate of return of - {1% for 21010 I Actual salary' increase for 201!) was 5% Mm; WW ‘= ééésém-W (mm M Elihu”- awash-fl+m33wfl~~w -:, lfieffilfgg 6 f ...
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