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Unformatted text preview: Lecture note e ---e seeing someone off n ‚ á m… a T B Friendship poem In the mountain, I have finished sending someone off. At the sunset, I close my wicker gate; the grass of spring will turn green again. Will you return or not. (miss one friends, he’s worry /concern he might not come back) e ---x k ª thinking of youe n á … ‚ m aT B I hope you thinking me as much as I thinking of you. When the spring come, how many branches do they put force. I hope you will get a whole branch of them, this thing is the best for “e ” thinking someone remembering someone. Keep someone in mind, e ---X k w spending the night on jiande rivere B J †F 4 S V S V O, S VS VO I move my boat and anchor in the misty island. as the sunshine the traveler worries .The field is wild , the heaven comes down to the tree. The river is clear and the moon is near to me( reflection) (the traveler himself sorrow, lonest , looking at the moon thinking of my family. e ) e ----X k n sorrow of a traveler. ª resentmente á… ‚ m a T B Beautiful woman roll up beaded pearl curtain, she sits there and knit her eye brows, the only thing you see, the tear trace is still moist, there’s no know who is she upset with. e —social realityx — O ----common d S the new bridee On the third day of the wedding she goes to the kitchen, she prepared washes her hand to cook soup, not knowing her mother in law’s preference in food, she sends the soup/a portion to her sister –in-law to taste. (newly married woman –nervous in secure ¨ j w ·ª poet present the exams in the emporer e —river snow e snowstorm on the rivere T2 /SV T2 / S(QH)V e /¨ j w · ª O / ‘ W · ª O e Q2Q2He S B V O(Q2H) Ð I† F Over thousands of hills, the birds have flown away,(e -all done, all finished) (e —human footprint. e parallel .e —subject,e --vo) On ten thousand of path, people footprint has obliterate. (1 snowing, 2 because of snowing, no one’s making new footprint. and the old footprint were covered up with snow. A man with bamboo coat and bamboo cap (no verb) sitting in a single boat. Fishing alone in a cold river snow. (Solitary Taoist not catch fishing, he meditated in the nature. He’s commute with the nature) e Modify/Qualify noun—Q H (THE HEAD WORD) e V—VERB S---SUBJECT B—ADVERB O—OBJECT T—TOPIC COMMENT( It’s not a subject, it’s topic, you put something out there, you put a comment there ¨ jw · ª e —seeking the hermit but not encountering him B(HL) /V S e /F “ V V á… ‚ m a T HL ” J T MODOFY –THE VERB e Under the pine, I ask the boy. He says: “ my master has gone out to pick herbs, all I know is he’s located in this mountain. The clouds is so deep. I don’t know where he is.” (e HL e HEAD WORD LOCATION—e -double ninth festival: thinking of my brothers in Shandong X VO(Q2H2) BV O 4K†F BVO c BVO RF4 Here I’m alone in a strange land, I’m a stranger, every time I encounter a holiday, I think doubly of my family. From a far I know where my brothers climb high to. As they all wear dogwood branch in their hair, they are short one person(me) e -to be “is” BVO —departing early from white emperor city l h w· ª 4K † F V c RF4 T4(Q2H2) B2 V (QH) S BVO(Q2H) Early in the morning, I depart from baidi meet cloud. One thousand miles to jiangling and one day I return. The sounds of the gibbons from the two banks cry nonstop. My light boat has past ten thousands rose of hills e —presented to Wang Lun 4K † F c RF 4 Libai gets on the boat about to depart, suddenly he hears from the bank song of walking. Even water of peach blossom pool is thousands meters deep, but still not as deep as fraction of wang lun who see me off. e —late spring 4 K†F c RF4 (BECAUSE)The grass and trees know the spring will leave soon,(SO) all kinds of reds and purple compete fragrant. Willow catkins and elm seeds have no talent, all they know how to do is filling the whole sky fly as snow. Refer to emotion: e he feels unhappy . “logical connection . presonify ---black coat lane ( 4 K† F c Q2Q2Q2H) S V2O( Q2Q2H) R F4 1&2 parallel Beside the red bird bridge the wild flower grow, along the black coat lane the evening sun slants. The swallow in front of the“wang xie”s house in early time. The Swallows now fly to the house of commoners. e —thinking of past. ...
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