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bio2011 - Born in Clinton Oklahoma and raised on a wheat...

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Born in Clinton, Oklahoma, and raised on a wheat and cattle farm north of there, I am a native Oklahoman, having always lived here except for two years when I taught high school English in western Kansas. I graduated from Arapaho High School in a class of 17 students and completed both my BA in English and Health and Physical Education and my ME in English from Southwestern Oklahoma State University in Weatherford. I did my Ph.D work in athletic administration at OSU. While I love all aspects of athletics, my heart has always been in teaching English, a desire that was created by an amazing high school English teacher. My teaching career spans all levels in the education system—first grade, junior high, high school, community college and university. In addition to my teaching experiences, I was an academic tutor in the OSU basketball program for several years, working with the late OSU coach Paul Hansen, current Florida State University coach Leonard Hamilton, and former OSU coach Eddie Sutton. Some of my tutoring students
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