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BLOCK 2: ISSUES IN EDUCATION** ----------------------------------------------------- ** NO LATE POLICY FOR DAILY WORK/ASSIGNMENTS DUE IN CLASS.** Fri., 9/16 Have Hacker and Everything’s an Argument texts in class for survey. D2L Printouts for class: Mon., 9/19 Study questions response discussion. Appeals table discussion. Block 2 Research Assignment & Rhetorical Strategy Table distributed in class. Wed., 9/21 Have critically read/analyzed Williams & Murray selections; work on rhetorical strategy table; Required research question #1 DUE. **Library feedback extra credit deadline no later than class today. Fri., 9/23 Have critically read/analyzed Ponnuru & Sternberg selections. Continue work on rhetorical strategy table. Required research question #2 DUE. Mon., 9/26 Typed MLA format Works Cited page DUE for 4 reading selections; Required research question #3 DUE. Block 2 Essay Assignment distributed in class. Wed., 9/28
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