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GENERAL INFORMATION ABOUT COMPLETING A PEER REVIEW Doing a peer review has several purposes: As a reader, it lets you see what other people are writing, thus making you more aware of writing strengths and weaknesses. As a writer, it gives you a sense of audience. As a writer, it provides you with a different perspective on your paper. As a reader and a writer, approach the peer review process seriously. The more credibility you give to the peer review, the more your writing will improve. Suggestions for the reader: Read the draft through completely before commenting. Focus on content, main points, clarity, organization. You may mark (not correct) grammar/spelling errors, but that is not main focus. Balance negative comments with positive comments. Be specific. No comments like “great paper” “good job.” Write notes/comments directly on the paper. (For example: need more support here) Do not rewrite but give suggestions for revision.
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