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College education is more than textbook facts By Robert J. Sternberg 9/9/2011 (editorial) When I was a college freshman, my group of friends got into a heated discussion over who would room with whom during our sophomore year. We spent many hours, late into the night, discussing how to arrange ourselves so as to be as fair as possible to everyone and to avoid unnecessarily hurting people's feelings. We finally came up with an arrangement that more or less satisfied everyone. At the time, I viewed these extensive nocturnal discussions as an annoying if necessary distraction from my college work. I now realize that discussions such as this one were in large part the value of my having gone to college. Much of the specialized know-ledge one acquires in college will be out of date within a few years of graduation. In my own field of psychology, a modern textbook would contain little of the material covered when I took the introductory psychology course in 1968 (and received a grade of "C").
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