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Transitions Chronological transitions: presently, next, from then on, before/after at length, first, by that time, since afterward, soon, earlier, while/during meanwhile, later, then when Comparison transitions: likewise, similarly, once again, at the same time, once more, in like manner, compared to X, again, in much the same way, Contradiction transitions: however, even so, conversely, although/[even] though nevertheless, unlike X, on the other hand, whereas on the contrary, instead, in spite of (despite) X, ____, but in contrast, still, otherwise, ____, yet *Note: no comma after but or yet * Illustration transitions ( SHOWING ): for example, frequently, similarly, for instance, generally, in order to X, in particular, in general, to illustrate, specifically, usually, that is, in other words, occasionally, Cause-effect transitions:
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Unformatted text preview: therefore, thus, as a consequence, since consequently, then, for this reason, because on the whole, due to X, accordingly, ____, so as a result, finally, subsequently, ____, and so Continuation or Addition transitions: furthermore, in fact, as a matter of fact, ____(,) and moreover, then, too, for that matter, ____(,) or in addition, again, besides that, Note: no comma after and & or * as noted earlier, also, in other words, indeed, Counterargument transitions: of course, after all, to be sure, however, certainly, doubtless, indeed, Conclusion transitions: therefore, in a word, to summarize, on the whole, in short, in conclusion, to conclude, finally, in brief,...
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