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ELEC 2220 - Homework Assignment #1 Prerequisite Review (Updated after Friday’s class) Due Monday, May 24, 2010 1. Write a short program in either C or Java that will read non-zero integer numbers entered from a keyboard until a zero is entered, and then identify and print the smallest number, the largest number, and the average value (don’t count the 0 in the average). Assume numbers in the range [-32000 … +32000]. Execute the program, entering 12-15 values, scattered across the above range (both positive and negative values). Turn in a printout of the program and the results Example: 30 -25 18 -3 0 Smallest = -25 Largest = 30 Average = 5 2. The first program manipulated numeric data. This program is to manipulate non-
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Unformatted text preview: numeric (ASCII) character data. Write a short program (in any language) that will read three names from the keyboard, and then print the list in alphabetical order. Run your program twice, with the names entered exactly as listed below, and in the given order. One has all of the names capitalized, and the second has two of the names beginning with lower-case letters. Turn in a printout of your program and the sorted list printed by the program for each run, and discuss whether the program produced what you expected for Example 2. Example 1: Enter Sorted George Bob Ralph George Bob Ralph Example 2: Enter Sorted george ? Ralph bob...
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