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Homework 10 - ELEC 2220 Computer Systems Homework#10 Due...

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ELEC 2220 Computer Systems Homework #10 Due: Friday, June 18 Design a program to compute A1 = B1 + C1 - D1, where all variables are 32-bit binary numbers. You may ignore overflow conditions for this exercise. Define the values of A1, B1, C1, and D1 as 32-bit (4-byte) numbers, stored in “big-endian format”, using “dc.b” directives. (Recall that the proper storage convention for multi-precision numbers is for the most significant byte to be stored at the lowest address.) PROGRAM 1 Example: A1 db $01,$27,$3f,$44 ;A1 = $01273f44 Run the program two times, using the following values. FIRST RUN: A1 = undefined initially SECOND RUN: B1 = $12345678 $fabcdef1 C1 = $4567bcde $ffffffff D1 = $2345ef01 $eeeeeeee Print one copy of your program and the two Code Warrior debug windows, circling or highlighting the values of the four variables after each run.
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