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ELEC2200 HW3 M11 - a 66-23 b 105 33 2 Prove each of the...

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ELEC 2200 Homework #3 (Due 5-27-2011) 1. Calculate (A + B), (A – B), (-A + B), and (–A –B) for the following pairs of decimal numbers, assuming the use of a single 8-bit adder and 8-bit two’s complement arithmetic (represent each number in binary, using the 8-bit two’s complement number system.) Note any unusual results in the results of the arithmetic operations (overflow), if any should occur.
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Unformatted text preview: a. 66, -23 b. 105, 33 2. Prove each of the following, using only the six postulates and/or Theorems 1-3 of Boolean algebra. a. b. c. 3. Simplify the following switching expressions to as few terms as possible. Show each step of your simplification; it is not necessary to cite the applicable postulate/theorem for this problem. a. b....
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