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To: ELEC 3040/3050 students From: Profs. Victor Nelson and John Hung (Sections 1-4) Date: 29 August 2011 Subject: Interface issues between BDM module, EEBoard and Codewarrior software From reading the students’ memos, it appears that the background debug module (BDM), EEBoard development system, and Codewarrior software did not always operate in a consistent manner. The hypothesis is that the sequence of applying power to various subsystems and issuing software commands could affect performance. Dr. Nelson’s preliminary study is summarized here. Test Procedure Prof. Nelson tested the BDM module with the EEBOARD and Codewarrior software in his office, and downloaded and read all of the related technical documentation. Observations The BDM module is powered by the PC USB connection (Blue LED turns on). The module does not need to be plugged into a “target” for the blue LED to turn on.
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Unformatted text preview: Windows 7 should recognize the BDM device, and the device (USB-ML-12) shows up in the Windows “Device Manager” under “Jungo”. When the BDM module is connected to, and senses power on the target, a Yellow LED turns on. CodeWarrior can become confused if there is an attempt to invoke the debugger and program an unpowered target. Turning on the target’s power and retrying the operation can normally rectify the problem. Occasionally, a form appears saying that no USB device was found – unplugging and then reinserting the BDM USB cable at the PC seems to take care of the error, although there was one instance this morning when these steps did not work. In that case, the solution was to shut down CodeWarrior, unplug things, and then restart from scratch. Conclusions Programming the target should only be done with both BDM module LEDs (blue and yellow) turned on....
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