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Rubric Oral 3040_3050

Rubric Oral 3040_3050 - ELEC 3040/3050 Presentation Rubric...

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ELEC 3040/3050 Presentation Rubric Student Name ____________________________ Talk start time:_________ End time: __________ Duration:_________ Course Section______________________ Other comments: Rubric 1 – Unsatisfactory 2 – Developing 3 – Meets expectations 4 – Exceeds expectations Performance Indicators Elocution Volume too soft Often mumbles or cannot be understood Mispronounces many words Loud enough 60% of the time Speaks clearly 60% of time Mispronounces 3-4 words Loud enough 80% of the time Speaks clearly 80% of the time Mispronounces 1-2 words Loud enough all the time Speaks clearly all the time Mispronounces no words Enthusiasm Shows no interest in topic No facial expression or body language Shows mostly negative attitude towards topic Facial expressions or body language absent or phony Shows mostly positive attitude towards topic Facial expression and body language sometimes indicate enthusiasm towards topic Shows strong, positive attitude toward topic Facial expression and body
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