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A Suggested Format for Written Reports Prepare your EE 3040/3050 report (design proposal or final report) for a reader with this background: a) educational level comparable to your own, but . .. b) no prior knowledge about the project or your work. I. Introduction A. Objectives 1. report objective (What does this report do?) 2. project objective (What does the project do?) B. Background information 1. describe the problem 2. related works examined (research, if any) 3. overview of the report contents (e.g. Section 1, Section 2, key results, etc.) II. Body - Contents of the body can vary greatly, as it is dependent on the report objective. However, all good reports have certain traits: A. Describe the contribution 1. clearly describe how things work 2. carefully develop the key points B. Use figures carefully
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Unformatted text preview: 1. well-designed, clear and complete (labels and captions) 2. informative (dont use figures just for the sake of having a figure) 3. compatible with the text of the report C. Use references as a way to validate claims, i.e. cite the references in the report body. III. Conclusion A. Major points you want the reader to remember. B. Punctuate the ending. Ways include: 1. recommend something 2. offer a prediction 3. issue a challenge 4. make a judgment IV. Bibliography or reference list. Checklist Spelling and grammar correct? Table of contents? (not always necessary) Figures labeled and titled? Reference list complete? Does the work address the requirements? e.g. does it propose a design, does it report a project result, . .. Grading Criteria: See posted writing assessment rubric....
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