ELEC5250_6250_Syllabus - ELEC 5250/6250 COMPUTER-AIDED...

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ELEC 5250/6250 – COMPUTER-AIDED DESIGN OF DIGITAL LOGIC CIRCUITS (Elective for ELEC, ECPE) 2011 Catalog Data: ELEC 5250/6250. COMPUTER-AIDED DESIGN OF DIGITAL LOGIC CIRCUITS (3) LEC. 3. Pr., ELEC 2220 or COMP 3350. Computer-automated design of digital logic circuits, using discrete gates, programmable logic devices, and standard cells, hardware description languages, circuit simulation for design verification and analysis, fault diagnosis and testing. References: Mentor Graphics manuals and tutorials (College of Engineering Network) Application-Specific Integrated Circuits, Michael J. S. Smith., Addison Wesley Longman, Inc., 1997. (2008 Soft cover edition available at Amazon.com, etc.) EDACafe: http://www.edacafe.com/ Chiptalk.org: http://www.chiptalk.org Mentor Graphics: http://www.mentor.com Instructor: Victor P. Nelson, Professor, ECE [email protected] Office: 326 Broun Hall, (334) 844-1849 Course Web Page: http://www.eng.auburn.edu/~nelson/courses/elec5250_6250 References: Links to CAD tool tutorials provided on course web page. Course Objectives:
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ELEC5250_6250_Syllabus - ELEC 5250/6250 COMPUTER-AIDED...

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