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Terms: Plot - The sequence of events Exposition - the introduction to the action Action Myth- a popular story, not necessarily true, often about gods Dionysus- God of wine, ecstasy, and drunkenness City Dionysia - religious festival Satyr play- Ancient greek form of comedy Agon - debate, contest Chorus Theatron - “Seeing place” Orchestra - “dancing space”, choral area Skene (scene building)- booth, building, or platform Parados - choral entrance Episodes- Acts separated by odes Exodus - Choral exit Antagonist- represents opposition to the protagonist Protagonist- the central figure, is characterized by his/her ability to change or evolve Ekkyklema - “rolling out” cart for revelation of bodies Mechane - “machine”, crane for flying gods and heroes Dues ex machine- physical elevation by means of the machine Hubris - overbearing pride Catharsis- emotional cleansing that would ideally overcome an audience upon finishing watching a tragedy Aristotle’s definition of tragedy - Tragedy is a process of imitating an action which has
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