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ELEC 5260/6260 Homework #10 Due Friday, 3/12/2010 (25 points) Modify the “Thunderbird tail lights” design from the homework #8 project to incorporate programmable timer interrupts to replace the software delay function, thereby providing more precise timing. The required modifications are as follows: 1. You may use whichever language(s) you prefer (C and/or Assembly Language). 2. Program the on-chip flash memory with the final design so that the board will execute the program without the debugger connected. 3. Instead of a software delay, utilize one of the LPC2292 timing functions to interrupt the CPU so that there will be exactly 0.5 seconds between LED changes. You may use whichever timer-based interrupt you feel is appropriate for this application. (You might want to experiment with the timer by simply turning one LED on and off periodically.) 4. As before, button S9 should interrupt the CPU when you want to initiate a turn signal and again when you want to cancel the turn signal. Once initiated, the
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Unformatted text preview: pattern should be repeated continuously until the turn signal has been cancelled. 5. If button S2 is pressed at the time of the “initiate turn signal” interrupt, start displaying the pattern on the right-turn LEDs (D4-D1). If button S2 is not pressed at the time of the “initiate turn signal” interrupt, start displaying the pattern on the left-turn LEDs (D8-D5). 6. Since there are two interrupt sources, the Vectored Interrupt Controller should be used to coordinate them. 7. If there are no button presses for a period of 6 seconds, turn on all 8 LEDs until the next button press, signifying an “error condition”. Do this whether or not a turn is being signaled. 8. The main program should be a “do-nothing loop”. Submit a printout of your program in class on Friday, and then bring your board to my office to demonstrate the program some time on Friday. I will test the design by connecting power and executing your program....
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