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ELEC 5260/6260 Homework #11 Due Monday, April 5, 2010 To practice with timing functions and I/O devices, design and implement a digital stopwatch on the uCdragon board and with the following features. 1. The stopwatch is to be controlled by button S2 (tested by software rather than triggering an interrupts) as follows. a. The displayed time should be 00:00.00 after reset. b. Pressing the button should start the timer, with elapsed time displayed in real time on the LCD. c. Pressing the button a second time should stop the timer, with the time at which the button was pressed remaining on the LCD. d. Pressing the button a third time should reset the time to 00:00.00 on the LCD. e. Return to step (b). 2. The elapsed time is to be displayed on the LCD screen, right justified in the upper right corner of the screen, using eight characters: MM:SS.HH, representing minutes (MM), a colon, seconds (SS), a period, and hundredths of a second (HH), where MM and SS are decimal numbers between 00-59 and HH is a decimal
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Unformatted text preview: number between 00-99. If running time exceeds 59:59.99 seconds, roll over to 00:00.0 and continue. 3. The elapsed time is to be maintained by using one of the programmable timers to interrupt the CPU at an appropriate rate. 4. A second timer is to be used to continuously display the “right turn pattern” of the previous project on LEDs D4-D1. (This requires the use of two interrupts – one for this function and one for the stopwatch timer.) 5. Display your name (up to 8 characters), left-justified on the bottom left side of the LCD screen. 6. After initialization, the “main program” should be a simple “do-nothing” loop. Switch S2 should be checked in one of the timer interrupt routines. Submit a printout of your program in class on the due date, and then bring your board to my office to demonstrate the program some time on that day. As before, I will test your design by connecting power and exercising your board....
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