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ELEC 5260/6260 Homework Assignment #12 Due Wednesday, March 31 (20 points) Design the hardware and software to monitor a temperature sensor and a strain gage with an LPC2292 microcontroller. 1. The temperature sensor is the Analog Devices AD590, described in class, which is a temperature-dependent current source whose supplied current is 1 microamp per degree Kelvin. You are to measure temperatures in the range -20 to +50 degrees Celcius with 10-bit precision. 2. The strain gage is a KORO-F-254-01-83 "foil strain gage" with an unstressed resistance of 350 ohms. The "gage factor" for this strain gage (ratio of change in resistance to change in length) is 2. You are to measure forces that can stretch the gage from 0 to 110% (i.e. stretch it to 10% longer than its unstrained length). 3. Each sensor is to have its own signal conditioning. The ADC is to be configured to convert inputs in the range 0 to 3 volts (since the ADC reference voltage pin, V3A, on the uCdragon board is connected to the 3v supply). The signals from the
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