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Unformatted text preview: MGMT 330 Project Management Page 1 Huntingdon College School of Business and Professional Studies COURSE NUMBER: MGMT330 COURSE NAME: Project Management Fall 2011 Session I, Center Point Campus INSTRUCTOR’S NAME: Dr. Howard R. Clayton CONTACT INFORMATION: [email protected]; (334) 844-6512 COURSE DESCRIPTION: The course will cover linear programming, project scheduling using CPM and PERT, and inventory methods. The linear programming will include the graphical solutions but emphasis will be on the interpretation of computer generated output. Applications in Marketing, Finance and Production Management will be discussed. Only a rudimentary introduction to CPM/PERT and inventory models will be attempted. PREREQUISITE: BUS329 with a grade of C or higher TEXT REQUIRED: Anderson, Sweeney, Williams, Camm, and Martin, An Introduction to Management Science (with CD), Thompson/Southwestern, 13e, ISBN 1-4390-4323-3. Students can consider renting the text or purchasing e-chapters from . Relevant chapters are 2, 3, 4, 9, & 10. Earlier editions of the text (e.g. 12e) may also be used. COURSE ASSIGNMENTS & GRADING CRITERIA: Grading Elements Percentage: Weekly Assignments and Homework 45 - 50% Final Exam 50% Class Participation 0 - 5% Total Points 100% GRADE POINT EQUIVALENTS- Describe the point range for each letter grade. A = 75 -100 B = 65 - 74 C = 50 - 64 D = 40 - 49 F = below 40 ATTENDANCE POLICY: Absences and Tardiness – All students are required to attend the first session. Those who do not attend the first session will be automatically dropped from the course. Students with more than one absence will receive an "F" for the course. Since MGMT 330 Project Management Page 2 this class meets only five times, missing a single class meeting is equivalent to missing three weeks of a regular term. If you cannot attend a class you must let the instructor three weeks of a regular term....
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MGMT330_syllabus - MGMT 330 Project Management Page 1...

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