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Homework-Ch-01 - 2 d[6 p For each of the 3 columns above...

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1 Chapter 1 Homework Due: TUE 8/23/2011 [Over 24 points] NAME: ____________________________________ 101. [Chapter 1; 24 points] (Definitions) Use the following recent survey data to answer questions (a) through (h): A B C -- ------------- -- Bob 72 Pan Am A Alice 36 American D Peter 66 American G Aisha 58 Southwest A Janet 88 United B Where: A = respondent’s height in inches B = his or her favorite airline to fly C = their letter-grade GPA a) [2 p.] What do we call the line of data that pertains to Alice? b) [2 p.] What do we call the column containing everyone’s GPA? c) [4 p.] Define the difference between Qualitative and Quantitative data
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Unformatted text preview: 2 d) [6 p.] For each of the 3 columns above, state whether it contains qualitative or quantitative data, and what type of “scale” it is. e) [4 p.] Define what we mean by “time series” and “cross sectional” data. f) [2 p.] Does the above data set contain time-series or cross-sectional data? g) [2 p.] (Data quality) Pick two individual data items from the survey data above that you would suspect needed further checking (i.e. that you feel have the greatest probability of being wrong.) Justify your selections. h) [2 p.] What does the acronym “GIGO” stand for? What does it mean in the context of statistics?...
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