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4 THOMMESEN FINC-2400 SYLLABUS Part 2(C) AUBURN UNIVERSITY 2011 Fall semester SPECIAL ACCOMMODATIONS Students who need special accommodations should make an appointment to discuss their Accommodation Memo with the instructor as soon as possible during the first week of class . If you do not have an Accommodation Memo but need special accommodations, contact The Program for Students with Disabilities in 1244 Haley Center (844-2096). Note that if you ask for extra time on an exam during that exam, without having discussed accommodations previously, the answer will be no. CHEATING Please review the Academic Honesty Code in the Tiger Cub. Students are expected to exhibit honesty at all times. You must do all assigned work individually, without giving help or receiving it, and without the use of unauthorized aids of any sort. Any case of cheating, plagiarism, or other academic dishonesty will be referred to the academic disciplinary committee. DISCRIMINATION I do not discriminate for or against anyone on any basis whatsoever. I strive to treat all my students fairly and equally. Your course grade depends strictly on your performance on assignments and tests. If you feel you are not being treated fairly, please raise your concerns with me first. If you still have issues, please contact the department chair or the Dean’s office. HARASSMENT The same procedure applies if you have concerns about anything I have said or done in class that might have caused you offense. I do my best to treat all students with respect and courtesy. School policy prohibits harassment on a sexual, religious, or other basis (and that works both ways, of course.)
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5 COURSE REQUIREMENTS (a) You must familiarize yourself with the course syllabus, lecture schedule, and other information about how the course will be conducted. You must complete assignments by the deadlines given, and you must take exams at the times they are given. (b) You must attend class regularly, and keep up with the assigned readings. You should come to class prepared, ready to discuss the day’s topic or materials. (c) Your instructor must be able to reach you and get information to you. Check your AU email account daily for possible new messages regarding the class. If we are using Blackboard, you should also check Blackboard daily for new announcements. Being unaware of announcements or emails from your instructor is not a valid excuse! (d) When emailing your instructor, please indicate which class you are enrolled in! CLASS ATTENDANCE You are expected to attend class regularly. Experience shows there is a strong correlation between class attendance and grades! On exams you will be responsible both for material in the assigned readings and for topics discussed in class. Participation in class discussions is strongly encouraged. CLASSROOM BEHAVIOR
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FINC-2400-Syllabus-Part-2 - THOMMESEN FINC-2400 AUBURN...

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