PersonalPlan-Templat - I have calculated the following ratios a My expenses as a of income for the month xx b My liabilities as a of my assets yy c

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FINC 2400 THOMMESEN FALL 2011 ASSIGNMENT: PERSONAL FINANCIAL PLAN DUE: 10/07/2011 TODAY’S DATE: [fill in the date] MY NAME IS: [fill in your name] 1. I have tracked my expenses during the month of September. 2. My 3 largest spending categories, by % of total spending, were: a. [Category 1] – xx% b. [Category 2] – yy% c. [Category 3] – zz% 3. I have created an income statement for the month of September and a personal balance sheet as of September 30
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Unformatted text preview: . I have calculated the following ratios: a. My expenses as a % of income for the month: xx% b. My liabilities as a % of my assets: yy% c. My balance sheet shows a [positive / negative] net worth. 4. I have set up a budget plan for the next 12 months. 5. I have formulated the following specific financial goal for myself: [describe your goal] . 6. I will achieve this goal by taking the following steps: [describe your plan.]...
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