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Unformatted text preview: Find out more about Your Money and You Your Monthly Budget CATEGORY MONTHLY INCOME: MONTHLY BUDGET AMOUNT CATEGORY MONTHLY EXPENSES: MONTHLY BUDGET AMOUNT CATEGORY MONTHLY EXPENSES: Salary/Wages Food, Continnued Partner’s Salary/Wages School Lunches Second Job/Seasonal Employment Restaurant Meals Alimony/Child Support Child Support Public Assistance/Food Stamps Insurance Miscellaneous Income Health Pet Expenses Life Debt Disabiility Business Loan Medical Medical Debt Personal, Continnued Barber Shop/Beauty Shop MONTHLY INCOME SUBTOTAL MONTHLY EXPENSES: Housing Mortgage Utilities: Gas/Water/Electric/Trash Cable TV Telephone Cell Phone Doctor Remittances Gifts Student Loan Dentist Personal Loan Prescriptions Clothing Clothing Credit Card 1 Credit Card 2 Home Owners/Renters Insurance Laundry/Dry Cleaning Credit Card 3 Educational Credit Card 4 Tuition Home Repairs/Maintenance Pay Day Loan Books, Newspapers, Magazines Rent to Own Loan Transportation Car Payments Auto Insurance Gasoline/Oil Auto Repairs/Maintenance/Fees Computer Expense Donations Internet Service Religious Entertainment/Recreation Parking/Tolls Movies, Sporting Events, Concerts, Etc. Other Transportation (bus, subway, etc.) Video Rentals Child Care Vacation/Trips Child Care or Baby Sitters Hobbies Child Support Personal Food Savings Groceries Tioletries Charity Miscellaneous Expense Other MONTHLY EXPENSES SUBTOTAL MONTHLY NET INCOME (INCOME LESS EXPENSES) MONTHLY BUDGET AMOUNT ...
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