Cinematic Expression - Cinematic Expression Elements of Art...

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Cinematic Expression Elements of Art (EOA) Basic visual symbols in the language of Art. Visual building blocks put together to create a work of art. Line Shape Form Space Time Value (Light) Texture Color INSERT PICTURE HERE Principles of Design (POD) Rules that govern how artists organize the elements of art. Proportion Balance Rhythm Movement Emphasis Variety Harmony Unity INSERT PICTURE HERE (EOA) Line INSERT PICTURE HERE Definition: A course of Direction; A stroke long in proportion to breadth; Edge of a Shape; An endless series of dots. 5 Kinds: Vertical: Straight up and down; Perpendicular to horizon Horizontal: Side to side; Parallel to horizon Diagonal: Slant; Between Vertical and Horizontal; Rising and Falling Curved:
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Change Direction gradually; Spiral; Circle Tight, Loose; Wiggly ZigZag: Combination of diagonal lines; Form angles and change direction suddenly INSERT PICTURE HERE Variation in Appearance: Length: Long or Short Width: Wide or Thin Texture: Rough or Smooth Direction: Vertical, Horizontal, Diagonal Degree of Curve: Gradually, Wavy, Spiral INSERT PICTURE HERE Line Expression/Meaning: Vertical: Static, Inactive, Dignity, Poise, Stiffness, Formality, Stability Horizontal: Static, Inactive, Peace, Quiet, Rest, Stability Diagonal: Active, Not at Rest, Pulled one way and then the other, Instability, tension, excitement, uncomfortable, confusion. Two Diagonals can appear stable (house roof) INSERT PICTURE HERE Zigzag: Confusion, Active, Excitement, Nervousness Curved: Activity, Calm, Graceful, Luxury, Spirals are hypnotic
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Cinematic Expression - Cinematic Expression Elements of Art...

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