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Foundations of Production - Foundations of Production...

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Foundations of Production Development Getting a film project ready to be made Involves Acquiring All Rights and Permission Fundraising Script Writing Hiring of Key Crew Acquiring Rights Material can be optioned or the rights can be purchased Option – Paying a certain amount to reserve the right to purchase the rights to the material for a set amount of time Fundraising Private Investors Low Budget Filmmaking Family, Friends, Rich Dentists Studio Investment Typically Higher Budget Script During development process script usually goes through many changes/drafts Sometimes another writer is hired to do rewrites Key Writer Usually, at this point, a director will be appointed along with sometimes other key crew, depending on the project Job Classifications Producer Basically in charge of all logistical issues involved in production Ultimately responsible for completion of film on time and on budget Has ultimate hiring/firing power Usually involved with production from development right through marketing Usually involved in raising $ Job description can change based on size/kind of production UPM Producers right hand
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Coordinates, facilitates and oversees the preparation of the production unit (or units), all off-set logistics, day-to-day production decisions, locations, budget schedules and personnel Prepares or coordinates the budget Oversees preliminary search and survey of locations and the completion of business arrangements for same Coordinates arrangements for the hiring, transportation and housing of cast, crew,
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Foundations of Production - Foundations of Production...

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