Worksheet 1 - Worksheet one"My work is to question...

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Worksheet one " "My work is to question images". "We exist in a world of mirrors: if we break them, we disappear at the same stroke." Chris Marker "It is not the literal past that rules us, it is images of the past." George Steiner Chris Marker. ..has never cared for the term documentary, because of what he. ..called the "trail of sanctimonious boredom that it leaves behind it," and contemporary observers in France were. ..quick to dissociate Marker from what they regarded as the self-effacing and self-satisfied conventions of mainstream documentaries, condemned . .as "crude, stupid and closed in upon themselves." Catherine Lupton " Christian-François Bouche-Villeneuve, of Russian and American extraction, was born in July 1921 in Neuilly-sur-Seine in France. He was also born in Ulan Bator and Belleville. He has appeared and disappeared seemingly at will in every corner of the globe, to be Chris Villeneuve, Fritz Markassin, Sandor Krasna, Jacopo Berenzi, Chris. Marker and Chris Marker. He has been a cat, an owl, the man of the Left, . ..a techno-shaman. Even, as Alain Resnais suspected, a benign emissary from another planet, or our own future. - A Tombeau (literally a tomb) is a seventeenth century French musical form which honoured the music of an earlier composer in part by including in the ‘new’ work elements from the works of the composer being memorialised. The most well known musical tombeau is a piece by Maurice Ravel composed in 1919, Le Tombeau du Couperin . François Couperin was, with Jean-Phillipe Rameau, the leading French baroque composer of the eighteenth century. Ravel’s Tombeau is a piano suite in six movements which are variations on the music of Couperin and Rameau and therefore on the past history of French music and the past history of France to which, necessarily, they belong.
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Ravel served as medic during the First World War. Each of the six movements is
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Worksheet 1 - Worksheet one"My work is to question...

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