Worksheet 6 - Worksheet six Worksheet 8 september 2009...

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Worksheet six Worksheet 8 september 2009 Guernica In the Alain Resnais film Guernica , neither the event to which it refers, the German air attack in support of the fascist rebels against the nationalists, that destroyed the town in Spain and killed 2000 of its people, nor the painting by Picasso that also refers to the event and to which the film refers, nor the works by Picasso that the film cites, nor the poem by Paul Éluard that refers to the massacre at Guernica and is read out in the film by Maria Casarés, are, strictly speaking, its subject(s). 1 The references in the film are references to the event, that is, to their commemoration and memorialisation by other words and images. Guernica is no more the subject of the film than the concentration camps and the holocaust are the subject of Nuit et brouillard . The subjects are rather what is remembered and represented. The short film by Resnais contains other works: painting, drawing, poetry, music, archival film, commentary. These works are cited and partial, that is, in the film they are only fragments. If the painting by Picasso, Guernica , has a frame that in theory contains what it represents (the expression of the painter towards the event) and opposes the reality beyond it (the only reality of the painting is that it is a painting) these aspects of the painting, its pictorial space, are
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Worksheet 6 - Worksheet six Worksheet 8 september 2009...

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