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Worksheet four Histoire(s) du cinéma is not a history alone ( une histoire seule ) but a history which contains all the films of the cinema, the entirety of its history ( toutes les histoires ), all the films that have been, will be, could be. Nothing is left out, nothing excluded in this virtuality. The film is a product of memory and by that fact unstable. It never ceases to slip, move, wander. The film as an object is plural and stratified because it contains within it other films, thoughts, stories and sounds (cited from 'outside' the film), and as a result its identity is in doubt. It is at once essay, poem, music, fiction, film, narrative, history, a theory of art, philosophy. The memory of the cinema is accompanied by its fictions, their narratives and the images of these narratives. Histoire(s) is haunted by memories, or rather shadows, shades, fantasms from the cinema that impose themselves on memory, appear unannounced, unwilled, often unclear (like ghosts) so that even our perceptions are in the shade because details, completeness,
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